After leaving Eric in February, I planned to start my eBay business.  However, I was requested by my mother in Myanmar to come back home for some months.  So I had to make travel plans for me and my son to visit Myanmar after his exam in March. I decided to shift my eBay selling plan after the trip to my home country Myanmar only. We visit my mother and stay in Myanmar for three months.  The situation of internet in Myanmar is poorest ever on this earth.  The military government control and blocked almost all webs from US. When I enter, nothing appears on my browser.  I spend this three months time in Myanmar without any internet at all.  Life is so ancient and simple in Myanmar. I decided to use my time in Myanmar for my religious goals only.  There I entered the meditation center for about 20 days.  Meditation made my mind very clear and content.  I did not feel any overwhelming feeling for becoming a seller on eBay anymore. Life is very quiet and placid in Myanmar.

 When I came back to Thailand form Myanmar in the month of June, my husband mentioned me that Eric called me many times while I was away.  So I called him back.  He was very anxious to talk with me.  He said, do I mind partnering with him?  I was amazed, I knew that when I left him in the month of January, he had one friend operating form New York and Jerome and one other friend were planning to join him back.  I asked him what have happened to his joint partners.  Besides I told him the truth, I do not have enough money to partner with him and I could not because he himself did not know how much he had invested for the items for sale.

 He said he will explain all later.  But he asked me for an immediate help with his operations on eBay.  He offered me twice my original salary. When I reached to his place, I was amazed by his big unkempt inventory that literally spread around the apartment.  There is almost no place for walking.  His friend from New York had already left the operation and there is no body to ship for him in New York.  Jerome and another friend had already left him also.  He was left with about 450 active listings on eBay and nobody to ship the items.

 He was in the middle of negative feedbacks and angry customers.  I realized this; no system brings you nowhere.  I checked the Andale account; the listing fees are staggering at more than $350.00 for the month of May.  I discussed with him how to continue the business.  I told him to re-collect all the inventories stacked in New York and ship back to Thailand.  Then to run an immediate inventory listing of all items in his apartment.

 I requested him to shut down all the active listings on eBay till complete inventory is made.  He did not want to close the listings. He did not like the idea of shutting the money income.  But I told him that running an automatic listings cost high expenses with eBay and Andale while we are not in position to ship any item effectively.  All money coming in needed to be refunded. We end up paying eBay for the listing and final value fees for nothing.

 With big reluctant, he arranged for shipping back of all items in New York back to Thailand.  It is decided to ship by sea. It means a minimum of 52 days wait.  The next day we closed out all listings on eBay.  That stopped the increasing payments to Andale and eBay.

 I went out to buy shelves to be put in the apartment and many plastic trays and boxes to keep the different items.  I called the cleaning lady form the Apartment for the special service.  All we did was to collect similar items in same boxes and note down the quantity. Items are now collectively kept under each category.  Stock taking and stacking took 3 full days to complete it.

 Then cross check all items in the listings with available stock and put correct quantity information to the listings.  I found many double listings. Mean some items are listed two times by mistake.  A lot of items could not be found.  Those items are marked and listings for those items are stopped.  Maybe they belong to items shipped back from New York.

 Then after inventory checking and systematic stocking control, we could bring some listing up again on eBay.  Out of 400 items originally listed on eBay, only 150 items could be found and accounted for in his Apartment.

 From that day on, we could reduce the Andale payment by half and all items sold on eBay could be shipped on the next day.  The inventory is in categorized order and in each defined shelves with big signs.  Finding items is not a difficult time wasting business anymore.

 I told myself even though I still could not start my own business; I could successfully implement the system back to other people’s business and could recover from brink of collapse.

 Then I found the next risky problem with Eric. He has no record of his buying expenses and some items are too expensive and too heavy to ship.  The combined cost for them is far higher than the price he is selling.  Most of his auction income is US$10 + 0.01.  He is not knowing exactly each product is making profit or loosing.  I could only shake my hand.  Nobody could partner with him as there is no concrete system for anything.  All are estimates and guess work.  He just concentrated on listing only. Inventory keeping is none exist and there is no control on expenditure.

 I finally told him.  I would help him up to the month of July and he has to find some help for himself.  I would help train the new staff and set up the rigid inventory system.  Since the Paypal account and credit usage are his personal account, I cannot access anything or build any better system for him.  Those are the areas that he should improve himself, I cannot help.

 For the next three weeks I helped tuned up the inventory to match the automated software of Andale.  I made local purchases and have rigid accounting on all the items I bought for the business.  I gave my ready made accounting tracking system in excel to Eric.  He happily used it for some days; about a week later he started to have less attention and went back to his normal habit of having no system.  He does not want to check and balance.  He is too lazy to have a system for accounting; only thing that obsessed him is listing, listing and listing.  Habits are hard to change.

 It made me surer to make a decision not to have any partnership if the personal habits are different.  Since I got my salary which is double to the previous income, I keep all for my future business.

 Every day and every night, while helping Eric with his eBay business, I pray, meditate, visualize and autosuggest my self for a better and calmer future, which is 100% in my hands.