healing amulet
What do you think of my Pokemon Diamond and Pearl team? For E4?

1) Empoleon-mystical-aqua jet water-ice beam drill peck-Surf 2) Loppuny-vertigo-remnants Punch-return-grass knot tighten heal 3) chimecho-shell-Bell-psychic-shadow ball-extra sensory Bell 4) Weavile-slash dark glasses and dark-pulse shadow claws Blizzard 5) Steelix-metal-jacket-strength … I know needed Hm, so I wouldnt have slave switch from hm constantly dragon breath-iron tail-crunch 6) staraptor amulet coin-fly … as Steelix-defog … how to fly and attack Steelix-wing … pp more than ace-aerial melee Will critics take, at the suggestion pokemon other than empoleon very needed, the to get to similar attacks, and yes, I know move staraptors list is questionable, all is appriciated.

Well, I had the same problem as you click OK, as soon as You acess to the Pokémon League after defeating the street fly Canalave city go to the man pokemart before him and make him forget Steelix's strength and stararaptor defog fly teach someone else and train them for good moves and Steelix Steelix star raptor are taught earthquake or dig instead of Strength teach stararaptor-fly-castle-Brave Bird melee, after four plays Eliet, you can teach them to HM (s) again if you want

smallest radio amulet – sci-tech for altered states – theta healing – induction and simply beauty