A first my only practical involvement with eBay is to help other sellers by providing Pearl Necklaces and taking and editing pictures for them.  Eric and his partner Jerome have eBay seller account.  Since I was born in Myanmar and reside in Thailand, I have great knowledge of all products form this two countries. Most of them are traditional collectable items and hill tribe handicrafts.  Later due to my knowledge, Eric requested me to write products listings for them.

 When I started to write listings I was introduced to the listing software Andale Lister Pro.  Andale allow sellers to write offline on the desktop application and edit and schedule it.  Completed listings are uploaded to Andale servers later in a group. At that time the internet service fees in Thailand are high and this tool saves a lot of connection fees. 

 In year 2003, almost all items sold on eBay are auction types.  Starting prices varies.  Eric started all his auctions at $0.01.  I was first amazed, how to make the ends meet? There are other costs such as eBay insertion fees, final value fees and Paypal’s transfer fees.  Eric explained me; he charges all his items the shipping fee of US$10.00.  When he made a sale his income is $10.01 minimum.  The shipping fee covers all his costs and gives him a profit.  At that time, the Thai Bht is 42 Bht to a dollar. Ten dollars make about 420 Bhts. After all fees form eBay and Paypal are deducted, He could sell products worth around Bht 100.00 at income of Bht 340.00.  Then I saw profits rolling for them.

 When I reached back home, I was tired by my day’s work and sometimes felt sad about gaining only a little in the form of money for the services I rendered them.  But I repeatedly tell myself this is the only way I could get experience and gut to start on eBay.

 When I came home I research on eBay.  eBay search results display the listings with lowest starting fees first.  That is why Eric’s listings are mostly appearing at the first or second pages of search results.  I found many sellers follow this principle; they start with US$0.01 and having high shipping fees to covers all the costs.  I saw some furniture makers from China selling elegant pieces at US$0.01 and shipping fee at $600.00.  My third jigsaw for selling behavior on eBay that really work come into its place.

 I decided to try my mind on having and building more faith for my future. I repeatedly talked to myself every morning and every evening “I am on my way to become an online seller and gaining experience everyday day. Many jigsaw pieces that were unknown to me are coming to its place one by one now.  One day in near future, all jigsaws will be in place and I will be having a complete picture of my future.”

 Then I decided to increase my faith by having gratitude to people I know. What is gratitude? Gratitude is being thankful for the things that we already have in our lives and will receive as well. Keep in mind that gratitude does have to come from our heart.

How to attract wealth by being thankful? Being thankful is a powerful emotion and emotions do have energy. Gratitude is an emotional vibration that makes it much easier to manifest prosperity into our life. But according to the law of attraction we attract on what we focus on.

By expressing gratitude for the things that are not yet in our lives we give the universe a sign that we truly want it. The law of attraction does only works when there are strong emotions attached to it. We can’t attract anything without a strong intention. The stronger we desire is the sooner we will attract it.

I made it a daily habit to apply the law of consistency.  We can’t take a bad once and be clean for the rest of our lives. We can’t go to the gym once and be fit for the rest of our lives. The same applies for being thankful. I made it a daily habit to write down my feeling of thankfulness. This is very simple to do. Every evening I took out a notebook and write down I am grateful for this and that. I always started with being thankful to my husband for his support in my online business. I thanked Eric and Jerome for their given experiences and advices and folks at eBay for giving me an opportunity. I imagine myself as a successful eBay seller and having many friends and community I thanked them every day in my little note book.