girly cigarette cases
Girls who smoke cigarettes only, my friend obbsesive on their cigarettes?

I am a girl, time is a cigarette smoker for the first … Since I do not smoke and never have I was not sure that this would work, but we seem to take off is really good … However, My question is, if not on my friend …. obbsesive before we go always makes sure she has a full pack of cigarettes in its leather case, plus an additional full pack unpened in her purse, even if we only gonna be out a couple of hours … be if they did not pack the full extra to stop and we get. She smokes cigarettes the really long girly, Virginia Slim 120's so there are more cigarettes anyway, plus they can not smoke a whole pack in a few hours … So why should the two full packs may be needed when we are only a short time gonna be gone …. she is obsessed … just curious why someone we do

This is perfectly normal behavior for smokers. She wants to make sure that they do not run with it under Tools is a type of security. Most of us smokers do the same.