fertility amulets
Amulets and crystals?

Who knows any amulets or crystals that are suppost birth or support you during pregnancy? I do not really need that suppost to promote fertility. I think the husband and I have covered them when I am five months pregnant. I know Jade is suppost to baby aid to alleviate the pain of birth and delivery but I can not remember any others. Any help would be appreciated.

Crystals: Agate useful for the relief of pain. Aides strength and courage. Aquamarine Calms the nerves helps banish fear and phobia, protects against accidents. Even aides luck. Azurite-Healing Stone-Blood Stone are used to peace and calm the troubled mind, develops courage and caution, increases mental and physical vitality citrine relieves fatigue and strengthens the nerves, improves the healing energies Coral protects children from bad influences, long, happy marriage or Cornelian Carnelian Jasper Stone-Wish Helps morningsickness, soothes the troubled spirit, said to bring a warning to the user of the danger of AIDS and comfort during the female distress kyanite-Energy is limitless in applications never needs cleaning or clearing not stimulate absorber negativity Moonstone protection against accidents, AIDS, pregnancy and lactation, easier childbirth Quartz Reinforced-healing Energy, to produce pain, protects against negativity Tiger's Eye calms emotions, protects against stress outside amulets: all in the shape or represent, the goddess-bast (Egyptian), Hera (Greek), Juno (Roman), Artemis (Greek), Isis (Egypt)