Q: How could I contact Seller?

You can contact me at sujirath@tttmaxnet.com or Buyer’s note section in PayPal’s payment transaction point.

Q:Do you combine Shipping? How much is the discount?

The combine shipping fee for Amulets is US$2.00 for first item and US$1.00 for each additional items.  The combined shipping fee for Dzi Beads is US$3.00 for first item and US$2.00 for each additional items.  The combined shipping fee for cigarette cases is US$5.00 for first case and US$4.00 each for additional case.

Q: How can I get the combined shipping rates?

Currently the checkout cannot calculate the combined shipping fee instantly.  The buyer to pay for the full fee first and inform seller to my e-mail or PayPal’s buyer message.  When the items are prepared for shipping, Seller refund the discounts manually on each PayPal payment records. You will be informed of your refund in e-mail by seller and from PayPal also. You will receive your combined shipping fee refund within 24 Hrs from your payment.

Q: How long I have to wait for my packet?

I ship from Bangkok, Thailand and all packets are shipped daily (within 24 hrs of payment) except Saturdays and Sundays. All are shipped via Thailand Post International Airmail service.  It generally takes about 2 to 3 weeks for delivery to USA and Europe. Around 10 days for Asia and Australia.

Q: Is my pack insured? What should I do if I do not receive it?

All packs are insured for shipping  by the seller. The buyer does not have to pay additional for the shipping insurance.  However, according to Thailand Post’s rules and guidelines, a packet is considered as lost only if it did not reach to the addressee after 4 weeks form date of shipment. Therefore the buyer has to wait till 4 weeks passed from date of payment to be eligible for insurance refund and seller could arrange for the re shipment of the lost item. Buyer does not have to pay for this re-shipment.

Q: Can I track my pack?

Sorry, Thailand Post does not have the on line tracking service for International Airmail Post yet. They have it for International EMS service only.

Q: Can I return my item?

Yes, you can return the item if you do not like it, within 5 days from date of acceptance. The return shipping has to be arranged by the buyer and seller will refund when the item reach back to seller by the postal service. ONLY THE ITEM PRICE WILL BE REFUNDED NOT THE SHIPPING FEE. Seller will send an e-mail to the buyer for acceptance of the item and PayPal transaction code of the refund.

Buyer cannot refund the  item after 2 weeks of usage or ownership. (The item is considered as used.)

If the buyer receives the item which was damaged during shipping,  buyer has to provide the photograph of the damaged piece as an e-mail attachment to the seller.  Under this circumstances, the buyer does not have to return the damaged item via post. A concrete photographic evidence is enough for the seller (and seller’s Insurance) to arrange for re-shipment.

Q: Can I exchange the item after I passed checkout and payment?

Yes, if you inform seller immediately after the payment.  Seller based in Bangkok Thailand (GMT +7Hrs) and all daily shipments are made around 11AM Bangkok Thailand Time (4:00GMT). Seller can switch the item if Buyer inform in time before shipping.  Buyer cannot exchange the item if the item is already shipped.

Q: Does the “Asianmystiques” Logo appear on the actual cigarette case?

No, the logo “Asianmystiques” is the water mark  I put in the pictures of the cigarette cases to protect my identity.  The actual cigarette cases do not bear this logo on their pictures.

Q: My Lighter does not work, what should I do?

According to the international Airmail shipping rules for hazardous items,  the lighters must be shipped without gas.  It is strictly this way only because: if the lighters have gas inside, the Customs or Postal Authorities normally seize them for violating the hazardous items shipping rules.  All lighters are gas empty when shipped from the seller, thus it does not work when buyer accept it.

There is a gas nozzle at the bottom of the lighter and buyer has to fill up with lighter gas.

After the lighter if filled with gas and still could not operate due to other mechanical defects, please inform buyer for replacement shipment.

Q: What is the size of the cigarette case?

The case is 4 x 3 inches. Due to Lighter being inside, the case can hold only 10 King Sized Cigarettes.  This case does not fit 100s.

Below is the inside of the case.  You can put King Size cigarettes, Credit Card and Bank Notes.

The inside of the Cigarette Case

The inside of the Cigarette Case

Q: Shipping by Air is quite expensive, can I ask for bulk shipping discount?

The metal cigarette case is quite heavy (150 grams). The postal rate to Europe and USA for 150 grams  is $3.50 and it is exact rate from Thailand Post international Air Packets. Seller is not in position to reduce the cost of shipping.  However if you buy in bulk such as more than 10 cases, please request seller for discount, seller will provide some discounts over bulk buying from the price of the item, not from shipping.  Discounts will be considered in case by case bases as there are many factors to consider.

Q: Can I get it before Christmas?

Near the Christmas, international shipping volume increases and normally the delivery time gets longer. Normal delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks for Europe and USA and 10 days for Asia and Australia.  Please make your purchase at least one month ahead of the Christmas day to safely get your pack in time.

Q: Are your Amulets Blessed?

Yes, they are blessed initially by the Amulet manufacturer before transferring to Temples and dealers.  Then the Amulets are  blessed again by the distributors (either by the Buddhist  Temples or by the Temple Support Organizations) .  It is a mandatory need to bless the Amulets as selling (Thais calls it “Leasing”)  of non blessed Amulets is not acceptable in Thailand.  However who blessed your Amulet is not as important as buyer has to bless the amulet again by himself  before wearing.  Please read  3 Articles in my blog post “Empowering your Amulet” ” Personally Blessing Your Amulet” and  “How to tune yourself  to the Powers of your Amulet” under category Amulets.