evil eye amulets
Question for Muslims and Jews)?

- I notice that both Jews and Muslims sometimes wear the same amulet? I do not know the correct Name for it, it is a hand and sometimes has an eye in the middle of the palm? I understand from the amulet is to avert the "evil eye" – which are the precise Muslim faith on this amulet, and they are the same as the Jewish thoughts on it? Thanks Pamzy – interestingly, my family are not thrilled with this Amulet / idea either ……!

I thought I would throw my 2 cents in this. The "evil eye" is not some demon eyeball floating around in space. Just like a real live person to speak words of gossip (lashon harah or "evil tongue"), a person can also "the evil eye" – Perhaps an angry looking jealous. Maybe roll their eyes at someone to show that the other person is stupid. You know, I once heard a study (never verified this but it was no less interesting), women showed that men who were rolling "through the eyes" when they said cultivated disease have more / less healthy than men who do not roll their eyes. Ever someone to give you a "evil eye"? The truth is, it hurts. Maybe the amulet is a symbol to remember the memory of the wearer and others, like the other to deal with their eyes! If the eyes are the windows to the soul, how important it is to love, look other with. We all know how good it feels wink wink * * To support and how it feels creepy evil * * To obtain from a weird guy. Our Eyes have power and we need to express note how we use all our items. * Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more …* :-)

Evil Eye Amulets and Charms by Master Jeweler Eitan Har-El