engraved cigarette cases
I just came out of the closet with my friend about my secret smoking for six months … He is not happy?

hide me about this from him, but accepted the fact that I am now smoking a cigarette … I told him I want to wear a metal cigarette case, my cigarettes when we go out … He has kindly offered me a nice story … I would like is a metal that, and that he can with my initials … where can I find a nice story … it must Marlboro Lights keep 100'ss .. He kindly offered to pay for it .. He has such a good guy .. can have engraved

I do not think it is really beautiful from you, accept this gift from him, knowing that he was harassed by them. I think it would show a lot of good will and respect on your side (something you do not show him with lies to him about smoking) to tell him you do not want to have to contribute to your bad habit