Most people think having an Amulet might cure all their problems and expect some miracles to happen.  Miracles happen to some and nothing happened to most.  Why there is the difference?

Some Amulets are traded at very high prices just because some magical Monk had blessed it.  But blessing is just praising the Amulet.  Buddhist amulets are blessed by citing the nine significant sacred properties of Buddha.

But I always wonder, how come the lifeless Amulet empowers, just by praising of Buddha’s sacred properties?  Those properties belong to Buddha, it is correct.  But the Amulet itself is just a lifeless material.

As an engineer, I do not have any belief in any Magical monk or his amulets. For me, magic is something that cannot be seen, feel or having any evidence. A lifeless Amulet storing magical power is something not acceptable by any one studying science, either of mind, nature, physical or spiritual.

My belief was changed one day about ten years ago.  I went to the meditation center in my home country, Myanmar.  There, I met this well learnt monk.  He taught us the practice of meditation.  I meditated for about 10 days. When I finished the class, and before returning to Thailand, I went to say my farewell to the teacher.

As a token of gratitude to my donations, he gave me a small Amulet.  But I declined.  I told him that I practice Buddhism but rarely needing any Amulet.  One point is because I do not believe in any lifeless material storing any form of magical energy.

Meditating Buddha Amulet

Meditating Buddha Amulet

He smiled and said “You are correct, it is just a lifeless material, storing magical energy is impossible.  But do you know it could impower  your mind power by many folds and could enable you to overcome anything that you care for?”  I was amazed by his words. But I did not say anything, I just looked at him.

He said “There is a secret in wearing an Amulet.  Some got empowered many folds, some wished and wished but nothing happened. You must know the secret of wearing an Amulet, if not there is no empowerment.”

“Actually, Amulets are used by the civilizations many centuries after the death of Buddha. In reality, they are just a significant reminder of Buddha.  Buddhist monks blessed the Amulets and distribute to the lay people.  The actual fact is you cannot be empowered by someone’s blessings.  Because the blessings are just the praises of Buddha said over the Amulet.”

“However, if you plan to wear the Amulet, you have to find out what is the significant Property of Buddha that you wish to get.  You could practically copy any of Buddha’s sacred properties to your self. I mean yourself really copying the real significant property in Buddha’s mind to your own mind.  It is done by knowingly citing the Property that you wish to get many times (by yourself) to the Amulet before you wear it.  The Amulet serves as reminding Agent for the Sacred Property of Buddha.  You must have the strong faith in the Amulet and decided that “Under the presence of this Amulet, I will be doing ALL MY ACTIONS, in accordance to and in personally getting of this sacred Property to my soul.”

“When I say, doing all actions means really ALL ACTIONS. Not just the actions that you think would grant you this power. For instance, someone wants to have peace of mind like Buddha. Before you wear the Amulet, you have to repeat many times to the Amulet that “Buddha has no attachment and attains peace of mind all times.”

“Then you appoint your Amulet as your personal coach.  Under its guidance, what ever you are doing, you must put your attention that all actions you are currently doing are in accordance with peace of mind of Buddha.  You might be eating, you might be walking, but your mind set your goal on having peace of mind doing them. You eat like one who attained peace of mind. You walk like one who attained peace of mind.”

“After wearing it for sometime and really practicing it you will find you have been accumulating a huge mental power that you had never experienced before. In reality it is the constant tweak of your own mind that give you power, it is not because the Amulet store some magical energy.”

“Some fools got their Amulets at high prices because some magical monk has blessed them.  After they own them, they just wish and wish but nothing happened.  Because they think something very special and unknown to them might lift them up from their woes.  In Buddhism, nothing could happen if you do not know and do not practice it.  You must know what you really want and have a constant actions to get them under its guidance, then you will get what you want because you had made your own mental and physical efforts to get it.”

I liked his advice and thankfully accepted his amulet.  At that time, I was quite bothered by my husband’s Thai family.  I am a Burmese and having trouble speaking their language.  There were many mistakes and misunderstands between me and his Thai family in communication.  So I decided to take a try with the Amulet.

When I reached back to Thailand, before me wearing the Amulet, I repeat many times one of the Sacred Property of Buddha.  It is “Ara-han” Means Buddha speaks only the truth and useful words.  I repeated it many times and decided to remember this property whenever the Amulet reminds me.  Whenever I have to talk, I remembered this property first.  Sometimes I am alone at home and having nobody to talk, however I talk this sacred property to myself many times in my mind.  After about two weeks, I could sense some significant changes in my communications, it is not because I gained language skills, it is more to the side that I could easily make others understand and accept me with the current limited language ability.  After this, communication becomes easier and less stress for me. I gained more faith to my Amulet and continued to practice more.

About three months later, I have the most unexpected, event.  One of my brothers in law came back from US after completion of his PhD studies.  We became great friends. He becomes my most helpful interpreter for all communications which needs his help.  He is my best friend I have up to now.  I will never forget his praise, when we first met: “Hey, you speak the truth and very interesting, I appreciate your intelligence.”  For me its is not just my fears for communication are over, I also gained a true friend for my life due to the communication property of Buddha. I valued this friendship a miracle.

Garuda Amulet for Love

Garuda Amulet for Love

Guide for choosing the Amulet

  1. You have to define your own area for correction:  your problem, weak point, thing needing attention, your most current sorrow etc.
  2. Choose the Amulet that has the property that you are looking for, and having a definite plan to work with the Amulet.

What you should do with your Amulet

  1. Generally, all amulets are blessed by the monks.  But other people’s blessing cannot work wonders for you if you do not understand the real property of the image/god/goddess the Amulet is bearing.
  2. Who ever had blessed your Amulet, you have to re-bless your Amulet before wearing it.
  3. Blessing is actually the praise of the Amulet of the property of the god/goddess.  You can do it by putting the Amulet on a good place near your computer and read carefully about the description of each god / goddess mentioned.
  4. Assign the Amulet as your personal coach and repeatedly having actions under the guidance of the Amulet. (You must have the faith in it that your Amulet is your Guiding coach.)
  5. Have ALL your mental and physical activities done under this coach.
  6. Empower come to you as the result of your own repeated mental and physical actions under this coach.

Some False Beliefs over having an Amulet

  1. There is nothing such as magical power.  Or any magical power being stored in an Amulet. (It exists only in fiction books or movies.  They are entertainment, not science or spirituality.)
  2. Understand that when the great monks were blessing the Amulets, they are amounted in thousands and blessed with the same properties of Buddha or God/goddess. They do not know your problem or they do not have any duty to know your specific problem.  Amulets are produced in mass for general use.
  3. It is the wearer who empowers the Amulet under dedicated plan for mental and physical action.  So the empowerment is not the result of the Magical monk, it is the result of activity and effort of the wearer.  This is the reason why some face miracles, most face none.
  4. One should not expect something unknown to lift the problems magically. Because if you check this logic of thinking: If you do not know what the power behind it is, how could you know that it could lift anything?
  5. Having an Amulet hang on your neck cannot make your wishes come true or wealthy.  Because wealth do not accumulate to the one who just wish and do nothing.  Wealth is attracted to the one who is concentrating over having all his actions carried out under the influence of massing wealth.
  6. The summary is “No action brings Nothing.” And “You are the one who empower the Amulet, not the monk who blessed it.”
Guan Yin Chinese Love Amulet

Guan Yin Chinese Love Amulet

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