My current problem is camera and photography.  I helped Eric to take pictures for eBay listings.  His camera is an old shabby one but it is a professional grade.

 At home I had a cheap digital camera.  I started to use it to take close up pictures of the Jade bangles I bought form Mae-Sai.  Unluckily, how many times I tried, it could not produce sharp and fine pictures.  The old shabby camera of Eric had the high grade macro feature, my small camera did not have any macro feature.  The macro feature from professional grade camera, the images of closed up objects are much defined.  My camera could not produce the level of deftness to list the products on eBay.

 Then I count my last savings to buy a professional grade digital camera.  The features blurred me as I am very new to digital photography.  The higher the pixel, the higher the price.  Before I could buy any I have to read through many camera manuals that described.  Finally I realized that the higher pixel feature produce bigger picture.  This is a feature that is not necessary for internet pictures.  The bigger the picture, the longer it takes to load up and if it is too long, the buyer would leave the listing than to wait for the big picture to show up.  So I stopped looking for higher pixel advertisements.

 Then the lens, there are many types of lens. Zoom, tele and macro lens.  Since I have to take relatively small objects at very near distances, I do not need long tele lens.  What I have to look for is a camera with good macro ratio feature.  After comparing prices features and all, I decided to buy the Fuji Finepix 7000 model.  It is far cheaper than Canon and Olympic but having a very good macro lens feature.  After I bought it all my spare saving budget is gone.  I have to close my last saving account as it became 0.00 Bht.  I decided to forget the problem with money, I shifted all my attention to my new camera and use my time to enjoy it.

 The first problem I faced is the camera that I used form Eric and my new camera are totally different in features.  The technology is different for about 5 years.  I am not familiar to all those features and buttons available in my new camera. It took me about two days to read the camera manuals and make an understanding of what each feature is doing and whether they are useful for my application.  Since I am very new to digital photography, what I read out cannot make a complete sense to myself.  I just told my self be persistence.  I search the web for articles relating to photography and camera.  Gradually after next 2 days, of reading every article on photography that I could get and taking pictures many times over, some sense of confidence comes to my brain.

 Since all my budget was gone, only background I could have is the large white A3 sheet and a single 30Watt make-shift flourcent light as my top light source.  But I keep my happiness in having a good featured camera in my hand and visualize myself that I am surrounded by nice lighting equipments for my eBay business.

 The Photoshop steps are easy.  What I just have to do is to open all the pictures of a product and choose the best two pictures out of about ten.  Then I select and copy the final two pictures to my computer.  Then I have the picture opened in my Photoshop and choose image>adjustment> brightness/contrast.  I move the sliders for brightness and contrast of each picture a bit better.  Then I resize the picture to be used for eBay by cutting down to 800 x 600 pixels as requested by eBay.  Then all is done.

 In the evening when I review my self, only thing I saw is my persistence that made me trying again and again overcome my lack of skills for operating a digital camera.  I have no experience with digital photography before.  But reading the camera manual many times over allowed me to start using the camera correctly.  By reading all available information on photography plus over a hundred times of picture taking finally result me in ability to produce pictures that are eBay grade.

 Finally after spending all I have for a good digital camera, I became a broke but rather a happy and confident broke.