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How do you use a Suunto instrument (Finland) Type: PM-5/PC 66? It is a tool for estimating tree height.

This is a product of the industry forestry tree height used to estimate. It is hand held and smaller than a cigarette pack. The housing is made of metal with a glass lens that Balance that has two ninety degree sectors reveals the weighted Brushed lower half. It is a spectacle lens on the bottom that the angle% and shows a different number. It also has a conversion chart on the back that converts% to a certain icon that looks like a lower case "a" with tail facing away from the top and bottom. There is a red dot on the tip of the instrument. The face of the balance has "Left PC (%) above the 90 degree sector and the Right 1:66 left top right 90-degree sector.

Yeah, it's true. A clino has a degree scale visible when looking at a tree. But I always used the percentage scale because it is easier to be calculated into the field. Okay, listen up, because while it is a simple tool to use to get to get more accurate readings if you use correctly. You need a clino, a 30 m (at least) measuring tape, pens, a tree, an assistant job easier. 1 – Visualy determine the highest point of the tree. Why? because not all the trees are just like pine trees. You must be willing 2 do this step. 2 – Your assistant is standing directly under this highest point and keep the tape from scratch. This point is not always next to the tree trunk. Depending on the lean / shape of the tree. 3 – Depending on the tree height with a tape measure back Walk until you see the tree, Heigh convenient point. Convenient means, without the neck strain, okay? Do it for weeks and you'll know why four. – Profile of the tree to open the clino with both eyes. watch One, the tree and the other on to read the% scale the clino. 5 – Read the clino percentage scale at the top of the tree. Note also, if the + or -, 6 – Now this is important so that . Listen attentively Now on the bottom of your profile wizard. If he is by the tree structure you can use instead. 7 – Read the scale percent. Note the + or – again. Letter They both answers down so you will not forget. 8 – If both answers are from the same end of the scale, eg + and then subtract. If a + and a -, then put them together. 9 – The tree height is then determined Sun The answer from the numbers that you (maybe 50) tree is the percentage of the distance you from the tree (50%). Example: You are 20 meters / yards of. Your reading was top + 40% of your base reading – was 10% for you have both + and – if you add them to% = 50 so ….% 50 of 20 = 10 Your tree is 10 meters / yards high. A few tips for you: If for any reason you do not see the tree base to use your eyes, assistant head / helmet for the base Reading. This can be read from the same end of the scale be borne in mind when they subtract Sun At the end of your calculations, you just add the amount of your assistant for the answer. This is called a "mast" Another clino is different foot on the tree to tree looking at the top by the. When the crown is either 100% or 45 degrees are you from a tree height of the tree. Just measure the floor and stand on your own height to your eyes. Sorry its a long answer was, I tried to keep it simple for you.

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