cigarette cases
plz help me in the cartoon they are looking for cigarette cases, where can I buy?

My son keeps breaking my cigarettes when it finds it, and in As a case more to buy a caricature, but in-Every Time I find the shipping costs as a line i dont want to take one months trial I will order it from the shop know in every suggestion someone buy in nyc nyc, where can I go to buy a cartoon case for my cigarettes and plz dont tell me Perhaps I need to stop ….. Because I know that already ………. ty

Sorry, I have never heard of a cartoon case. How old is your son? Sounds like you need to have a conversation with him. I am a smoker myself, and when my daughter broke my cigarette … OMG! We would do some talking! I too am like you, I know I should stop, but that is to decide for me, not my children.

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