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What is the maximum fine / punishment can I get Ohio for underage sale of tobacco?

I recently got busted selling cigarettes to a minor in Ohio. The Ohio Investigative Unit sent to a minor. Long story short, I have to go to court and tomorrow .. i cannot seem to find anything online, States that my maximum penalty / fine, that I could get. The officers were really rude to me, nothing illegal in that, but they refused to show me the Kids ID when I asked. I wonder if there is one thing I can do to prove my case. No one was in this situation? … or no police out there. I would welcome all responses, even if I admit, I'm in the wrong here. Thanks in advance. I forgot to add … My business philosophy is to check ID, if someone appears to be underage … or ask for the birth date of anyone who appears to be in old age. I asked the child's birthday … and he spat two eighty seven as his answer .. I interrogated apprently … so i didn't give it to him Scot-free … maybe this will help in court …

Oh my you in a pickle. The maximum fine is quite severe for the crime committed you. I could not find anything on Ohio, but other states have penalties with a minimum of $ 300 and a maximum of $ 3000 (the first time Offenders). Good luck in court!

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