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What should I get for my Best man? He's it!?

I'm getting married this weekend and I do not have my best man a gift. , I am I spend around $ 100. This guy was my best friend in high school, my roommate in college, my business partner and now he has everything I could, him to think so, I need some ideas. He is a fellow cigar, a fellow designer clothes, a world traveler, and just an all around good guy. I have about cigar / Cutter combos'm personalized lighters / cases / humidors, but he is all that came, I'm not really a "buy clothes for a guy" guy … I do not want to know where to start anyway …. I have no time, so I really need help. It is probably too late to order from the Internet, would thus I suppose something could be somewhere big in Charlotte, NC or to a national business! Thanks in advance.

Get him tickets to his favorite sporting event, Theater, cinema or restaurant.

New Cigar Holder (Thanks to AscotWhip)