cigar ashtray
Nicotine poisoning?

I am a sloppy guy, and instead of the ashtray, I use a bottle of water in which I throw my cigar when I told them to want to set. I have a bottle of water I drank when I thirsty. The problem is: I was busy doing my homework, and I drank from the wrong Bottle (5 minutes). I noticed a bad taste, and I saw what I did. Fortunately, there was only one cigar, but a lot of ash and water was youllowish (dissolved Tobacco). I'm about an hour away from the hospital (I'm on the country). The first thing I could think about is milk, and so I started drinking it. At the moment I feel a little dizzy and my heart a little bit of hed. Ash is itself bad enough, but nicotine is worse, but I do not think there is enough to kill me … I hope so. Have you Suggestions on how to prevent any damage? An update: headaches, dizzyness but got worse. I have also broken two times, and I'm sweting much. I think I go to the doctor anyway se …

IVE seen people take many sips outta a beer bottle with CIGS years presented during the European Championship. No doc, but I've never known about these people be harmed. prob milks the right thing. My mother took a sip of nail polish remover instead of soda and milk next to it once did the trick .. good luck (and get an ashtray!)

CA4 Wood Cigar Ashtray