chinese amulets
How about u? I explore some of the Chinese people, not all, dislike, Thai amulets, they always think it is evil?

They said Thai amulets are evil Barang and Siam takut.

I I'm sorry to say that the many friends I do not like not knowing, amulets. You will find it uncomfortable to wear, perhaps (as some find how people uncomfortable rings) There are no aversion. They know from their one temple. Have you seen stickers on cars of the monks? They are all over Malaysia on all types of people (except Christians, Muslims and free thinkers – but this is believed due to the individual). If u think people of things that should bring fear Chance go and see Lilian or Joey's seminar in January. Chinese flock and pay $ $ $ for all sorts of lucky charms. The queue is amazing. Your Master is wrong really out of place. Pls see QUALIFIED Feng Shui mater. Deep inside you he is wrong – that's why all know these questions. I'm sorry I must be honest

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