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Joseph Smith was probably the Freemasons are Wicca or witchcraft in only wonder whether this or witchcraft. As an ex-wiccan I have never heard that one peep stone, unless this is real old magic or some kind of magic, to find treasures. "Abracadabra Abrac of Abraxis, is a magic word or formula used to work magic amulets of magic. Eighteenth century were, "said Maurer know how to hide" the way of obtaining the Faculty of Abrac, "which meant they got to know how." Faculty of Abrac, magic circles, and divination, fortune telling and "Working Bush never used the stone tools is that Wicca witch hazel tools or pagan Druids or witches, if I have a. Joseph Smith founded the LDS Church.

A "Squeak Stein is a crystal ball for fortune telling used. Joseph Smith used to try his stone to find treasure, as a dowser uses a Hazel Wand to find water. Witch Hazel is a North American shrub, bark a bitter and produced in their leaves. Indians and settlers used to it by steaming the leaves and bark to make, these days, you can buy in bottles at the pharmacy. Fork of the witch hazel wands are used by dowsers to find water. "Abracadabra" and "Abraxas" (note the spelling) are mystic words of the old drainage. The word "Abraxas" is actually an incorrect spelling of the Greek "Abrasax" which was used on carved gems as amulets or charms. The word "abracadabra" was as a Spells are used to drive disease. These stimuli are from the second Century AD and are Gnostic in origin.

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