charm amulet
, Amulets or lucky charms to improve all ideas situtation financial support and a job to get?

Please only serious answers

there are many ways to do this. First, before materials, basic enchantment. to enchant an amulet, everything you need to do is small open flame (think stove or grill use, I use a fire pit to the mine) to the object (not too hot, hot heat, so keep it quite far away from the flame) and focuses on IT and think, what do you want it. in your case, hold it over the fire and think with all your mind "and bring prosperity Wealth "over and over again until it is your entire mind in this priority. Now, put it in the heart of the fire for a second and think or say out loud something along the lines of "as I charge this amulet. doesn't really matter what you say, just so long as you think about your wishes for the sealing Amulet in the amulet. ok, now for materials. for this, id recommend a gold, silver or platinum coin as a necklace or a gold ring with a precious stone in it worn, but if they come from your budget, try a gold medal, a turquoise or other semi-precious stone object. Happiness

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