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Please rate my yugioh deck earth?

Monster man-eater bug buddy Swordsman of Landstar psychic commander x 2 marauding captain gilasaurus x 3 x 3 tune warrior Gyaku-Gire Panda puppet plant Berserk Gorilla giant rat x 2 nanobreaker Gemini Elf x 2 twisted disgusting Celtic guard warwolf gene-sized piece of the Golem granmarg Rock monarch black luster soldier (ritual) Synchro Monster Iron Chain Dragon Goyo Guardian Gaia Knight, the force of Earth x 2 lifetrancer mental magic cards amulet of ambition Axe of Despair black luster ritual fight voting power gaia mage power lightning blade reveal Monster Reborn Swords light trap cards needle cylinder Wall Magic Box fairy rising Energy prices solemn wishes proud roar drainage plate shadow-imprisoning mirrior

10.03. It is super slow and vunerable to the fair wipe cards. Earth as a rule not to play a good topic for the earth is too broad. You can play Fire and Water theme slightly, but the world is diverse. In general, your choice bad, rituals are almost never worth it, plus field spells are almost never paid off, and equips ATK + NEVER be worth it (except for United We Stand). Your traps are odious, fairy box and pin wall are just bad luck and bring to trap, add Mirror Force and a few bottomless holes. Rethink your choice of a better monster Subject.

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