After I bought my expensive digital camera, I was elated for some days.  I try many practices with my new camera.  I am dreaming of being able to make great listings on eBay. But in form of cash, I have exactly 0.00 Bht in my saving account.  Buying the camera had taken all my last savings.  I am totally broke.  I started my visualizations for happiness again.  Faith was sinking from me.  Then I tried prayers and positive Autosuggestion.  I pray for money to start my eBay own business.  So weakly minded, I decided to postpone membership to eBay and Andale.

 Then I examine myself. There are things I was feeling uncomfortable and sad about.  What area of life am I not the kind of person I truly would like to be?  I submit those in my prayers to god and wish for a change. I made a decision for try my best for the change.

 I spend my time quiet meditation, reading and prayer.  I visualize happiness and spiritual wealth in quietness. The quietness brings me connected with the infinite mind.

 Broke vs. Broken

I firmly understand the law of being broke as follows; being low or out of funds may mean being broke.  Being broke represents a temporary situation only. Most of the most successful people in the world have entered this economic state at least once in their career. The secret knows that being broke is only temporary. Being broke represents a situation which can be changed with time and improved.

Being broken means one is no longer having hoped or dreams of recovery.  I must avoid ever letting myself bring me to an emotional state of being broken.

As long as I could keep my dreams alive, I am never broken. Regardless of how hopeless something may seem at a moment in time, nothing should ever allow me to become broken.

I realized that every part of our life is spiritual. The final step in the spiritual tune-up is to tell god about our problems and get his help. I pray to God for a change. God, I am Broke but not Broken, please allows the change of my situation in the course of time.

 I prayed for a week, for change of my situation.  Then I receive a call from Eric. He returned to Thailand and had rented an apartment in Bangkok.  He asked me to help him move his goods from Mae-Sai and settled in Bangkok. I told him that I could help him by moving things down but cannot help long as my husband did not approve working for him anymore.

 The next week, we went to Mae-Sai to take down all his goods.  On the way back, he asked me what the reason of my husband’s denial is.  I just stated him the facts, my wages are too low for the long run.  He offered me to increase my salary.  I just told him I would help him more for a month.  He increase my salary another 20%.  I did not give him a reply. I said I would decide after this month.

 When I went back and help Eric, I told him the truth. I could help him only one month more and my husband wanted me to become an independent seller.  Eric was quiet.  He realized my value when I finally plan for a farewell.  In the month that I was working for Eric, I heard many of his real worries relating running the business on eBay.

 I listened to all his stories and reminded myself to find the correct actions needed to be prepared.  For instance Eric frets about high listing cost by Andale and eBay.  I noticed that he left the listings on auto mode and keep on running without really looking at the inventory.  When Eric went back home to USA, he took a huge amount of his inventory to his home in New York and arranged with a friend to set up a joint venture.  He lists form Thailand and his friend ships form his home in New York. They thought it would save some cost in shipping.

 The problem occurs when an item was sold; his friend in New York could not decide which item to be shipped.   Since he was not the one who pictured and listed the item on eBay, it was so difficult for him to figure out what he has to ship.  He could not locate some items because they are all mixed up in a large box.  He did not know the quantity, he could not figure out how much of each item is left with him.  He shipped the wrong items and buyers returned because they did not match the description. 

 Eric had a big database of over 300 items listed on eBay automatically by Andale software. The software renews all his listings automatically and he has to pay dearly for Andale fees.  However, his items are half in Thailand and other half in New York.  The items were loaded down from Mae-Sai in big paper boxes and all were mixed up.  The situation of items in New York and in Bangkok was the same. All were mixed and nobody could verify quantity of each item.  The inventory divided in two locations together with mixed up and uncontrolled situation made him run useless listings for ever and having to pay high for eBay and Andale fees.

 It reminded me to have a good and rigid inventory control, if I plan to sell on eBay.  Everyday after taking pictures and listing, and finally delivering to the post office, I clear up the inventory, group, stacked, categorized and tag them. Exact quantity were recorded and made the listings run only for that quantity. The number of planned listings for future is adjusted according to exact quantity in stock.   My effort reduced unnecessary Andale and eBay listing fees.

 Despite low wages and no extra fee for overtime from Eric, I worked long hours every day. Doing many chores in shoring up inventories made me forget about my own problems.  It was true that the real reason I have to work again for Eric is because I was broke and not having enough money and gut to start a business on my own.  However, I never focus my mind on my low wages; I could always over deliver my values by doing things to correct the problems through longer hours and physical tiredness.

I always visualize myself that I am running my own business, not just working for Eric.  So I did my best all time and every day. My visualization kept me fresh and alive, I am not broken.

At nights I started my prayers, visualization and writing Gratitude.  I thank God gratefully for not giving me any chance for becoming partnership with Eric.  Any work started with no record, shamble and disorder do not have any future.  Having no money eventually made me more patient and learn more.  I was gaining knowledge and wisdom without having to suffer the pain of loss.  This is luck in disguise.  God had granted me the experience, knowledge and wisdom which is more important than money. I affirmed myself many times; I was broke but not broken.