“Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve.”  Almost every one knows and acknowledges this philosophy for wealth and success. But very few of us could really complete ALL three steps and reached the level of success we desired for. Most of us do not know or having any clue “to believe successfully”

 The first step to conceive a definite and burning desire is relatively a child’s job.  Almost all adults that I know could successfully complete this step.  Almost nobody face serious problem here.

 Then come the step two. “To Believe” Here only 3% of world population passed this phase.  The majority 97% did not. “To believe or to have faith” is the most mentioned word in every religion.  Every religion requested their follower to practice their faith seriously.  The Bible and Koran mentioned “Faith or Belief” as the vehicle that would bring our soul to heaven.  It is that important.  Buddha mention “Faith or Belief” as the “Best companion” for our soul to the path of highest peace, Nirvana.

 Despite all teachings ordinary people cannot made themselves “Believe successfully”.  That is the reason why most could not reach to the third step of Achievement. Some time after we conceive, we generally have to settle for less or just have to forget our definite burning desires. 

 When I first decided to seriously follow the principles of “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill, I started a big hope after having a big dream.  But when I analyzed my mind, I have a big hope but a faint belief in myself.

 What I found out is I have a 100% Belief in Napoleon Hill and his principles, and also fully believe that if I could apply those principles correctly over my mind they would be very effective.  So I slowly and seriously followed the book.  I read this book many times to build belief.  However, the belief in my self did not grow 100% as I have on the book.

 I always recognize my self that my belief in my self was faint, though I have a big hope and a definite burning desire.  Belief did not grow quickly as I wish myself to be.

 When I analyze why my belief could not grow as I wish it should be, I found that it got cut or trimmed frequently by my expectations. We cannot believe in something which is in opposition or a lot over what we expect.  Our expectation set our mind to a certain level. When we tend to have our belief a lot bigger or higher than our expectation, it literally cut off the portion of belief which is over its set limit.

 Expectation firmly based on our daily logical thinking and decisions.  All those are based on actual facts of life, what we have, what we do not have and what are our current problems. The more logical a person, the more practical is our expectations.  We rarely expect great windfalls, miracles, fairies or UFO. For logical thinkers, when our belief is over our expectation, we define it as blind.

 I tried many methods of influencing my mind as taught and described by the book. The prayers, autosuggestion, visualization, writing personal gratitude, etc.  These mental practices greatly reduce the negative thoughts and fears that generally govern us and motivate us to get going. But they help very few or having little effect over building a belief in ourselves successfully.

 For instance, to create wealth there is a requirement to frequently visualize yourself as if you have already achieved what you desire and enjoy it emotionally.  When I practice this I always found my conscious for current situations surrounding me could not accept this visualization as a true form of suggestion to my mind.  Even though it helped me not to dwell on negative thinking and fears in my mind, it could not make me fully believe that it would eliminate the facts of the current time that I was in.  I equated this visualization with a drunkard’s mind.  When you are drunk, you may forget your problem, but when it is over your problem is still there.

 How to grow our belief if it is leveled frequently by our expectation?

 Since our expectation set the level of our Belief like a judge, we have to set our expectation a level up.  Only in this way, we could grow our belief. 

 Since expectation is based on actual facts of current time, only way we could increase our level of expectation is to utilize our current moment of time effectively.  There is no way we could fool ourselves and change our expectation by pretending or visualization that something is already in our hand while in reality, there is not yet. Our expectation works on fact not fiction.

 If we could use our current moment of time, to be positive, efficient and productive, our daily expectation increases accordingly.  Our belief would grow together with our expectation.


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