amulets of protection
Is this magic / encantation possible?

I have had months with a chain that I wanted to put a charm for protection, but I'm not sure how I go about it at that. The amulet is called "Soul Shield", so I think it's only right that it be fair name, it is. I'm not sure if I need candles, stones, incense, or that, although the I want the charm to continue and not fade. Do I need to write only words? The last time I a spell, I was not aware that it was forbidden, and I want to do right. For the magic that I want, who the wearer is protected if she put the chain if it me, or not be. Is that possible? Okay, so the two old * stares say SMark Alick * answers it is possible, how am I going? about it, not the institution have to have confidence in my necklace, and it works without it?

Writng your own magic works best as it will be better suited for you and Your needs. You do not need a lot of candles and the like, you just shine a blue light on the amulet as you say the spell. It is possible to make it work for someone else.

Spiritual Amulets