amulets for sale
What is the name of this cartoon?

I'm not sure when it was I would say early to mid 90s. It was about a world, especially oceans out and there was this black goo on the planet, and there were necklaces that power, it had to get rid of. I think there were 12 "amulets" that they combind had. One of the good name "Wren" or "Ren". It was a bad guy, not the pirates of man and he and his crew have tried to to find win all the amulets for their own evil. The evil pirate was not a man, and if I mistake not, he had bright green skin. As pasty green. It was not a good "human" world, but the lead guy saw people. I do not really remember that much of it but would like to see if I it would have to find for sale anywhere. Thanks for answering.

"Pirates of Dark Water"

AMULETS for sale