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The people are hell to avoid the through performances. Shaman Stick Amulets and lead an exorcism. You have to remember that what happens after our lives to drive out evil spirits. If you are typical of an Oriental Go home, you can see amulets on the wall or ceiling with extraordinary pictures, the signs of a guardian deity. Is this guarantee people in the sky ? Go The ceremony is really force demons out of the house? Logical point of view, the answer is no. However, people know their souls fall to hell after death. Although Shamanism is contradictory to Christianity, both believe in eternal life. In addition, the Muslims go to the mission, before entering Mecca in the sky. If they have never been to the holy city, they tilt to the sky. Even Buddhists have got to bow to Buddha fear free and full Buddha's word. Their effort Meeting with the gods and driving evil are signs of neglect to go to hell.

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