amulet of protection
How do I make a protective amulet?

I have recently got in front of as spirituality and superstition, and who, but I am a bit cautious of the beginning, without looking any kind of protection against a "malignant spirit" or whatever people call them. I'm totally lost, though, how would I go about being a protective amulet. Suggestions? What would help: Use herbs, symbols or blessing If the container matter know almost everything you on the subject (I am quite lost.) PS-I Do not Mind The "joke", and I would agree entirely on the protection Glock, the best. (And I thank you, Guy who made the joke, a condom. I tried not to make myself a shit, and you have saved my day.) Dear Satanist: no. End of story.

Go In the pharmacy. They are selling protection.

Thai Buddha Amulet Takrut Protection,????