amulet book 2
I write a book and would like to know the two things.?

1st What do you think of something first? As she ran, the moon was high in the sky. There was a slight Orange and the clouds were crowding around him. The girl was in trouble, and I do not think that problems do not like to work at home. I mean problems like under a precious amulet from a museum in the middle of the night. Just as the girl ran from the guards and their dogs, they verified that the amulet still in her shoulder bag and ran on. The girl's name was Jade, after her incredibly green as the grass in the summer, the eyes. If she had hair when she was born she had been called to Ebony have. For her hair was as black as the widest expanse of space. The lips on her face was as red as the center of the earth. Her long black hair fell to the waist, as they could never afford, they have cut. She wore a pure white dress was brown muddy to the ankles and boots. 2nd I want to see if I publish it if I'm ready. How do I do that?

Google published a book! I did it and I already have I Verlag. I just started my book before a week! It works really well! Good luck!-Mary Alice Brandon Cullen Hale Long name I know, but I did not give up my real or assumed name!

IPAT: Ys Book I & II, Part 13