Supplement your searches with Browse

You can increase your chances of finding items if you supplement your search by browsing in the appropriate eBay category.  This is because some sellers use titles or descriptions that you may not find when you perform a search for them.  Simply stating, your keyword for finding an item and the seller’s described words were being different.

Because eBay offers a steadily growing number of category choices, sellers could not list their items in every category that they could belong. (Sellers could list their item in two different categories but at a higher cost. To save eBay listing costs, most sellers do not list their item in two different categories.)

For example: Cigarette cases holding the picture of Michael Jackson could be listed under Entertainment Memorabilia > Music Memorabilia   and Tobacciana > cases.  One way to check is go to the Music memorabilia and find for “Cigarette cases” or go to Tobaccana > cases and search for “Michael Jackson”.

Apart from this the search list takes only a few items from a same seller, it did not list all.  By browsing through the specific category you can see all that are listed.

To get a quick overview of eBay’s categories, you can click the “Categories” button underneath the search box.  This option allows you to see the main categories offered by eBay.  To browse in detail, you should select “Buy” tab and select “Browse by Categories” There eBay listed all Categories in detail”.

One thing to note is under “Everything Else” Main category there is “Adult Only” category is listed. If you click this category, eBay takes you to the age verification page where Terms of use for Adult Only category are listed.  If you are older than 18 and if both eBay and Paypal personal profiles have verified your age, you will get the allowance for browsing in this category.

You can combine browsing and searching to narrow down your search. Because eBay’s categories can consist of many layers, you may need to drill down to several subcategories before you find the item you want.

You can combine the Browse and Search features by using the Matching Categories list, which appears on the left side column of your page after you do a search.  When you perform a search and then enter a matching category, eBay’s search continues to filter out items according to your search word.

Search while you sleep

You can use “saved searches” feature under organized tab on the left hand column of my eBay page.  If you refined your search and still could not find the item that you wish to buy, you can save your search.  This eBay feature allows eBay to scan for certain type of item in the future.  This is a convenient and time saving way to locate a particular item without having to perform multiple manual searches.

This technique is useful when you are not in a hurry and can take your time to find an item over days, weeks or even months.  This technique is used by advanced item collectors finding a specific item when it list new in the future.

You can give search a name, for example you search for “Purple Vase” and make your preferences.  On the right side of search box, there is a line “Save this search”.  After you click this option, a small window will appear and request you to put the name of this search by default “Purple Vase” will appear in the search name box.  Underneath this search name this is a tick box for “Email me daily when new items match my search for: then you can choose 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.

In this way any new items listed in future will be emailed to you automatically by eBay.