“Whatever you can conceive and believe you can achieve.”  Almost every one knows and acknowledges this philosophy for wealth and success. But very few of us could really complete ALL three steps and reached the level of success we desired for. Most of us do not know or having any clue “to believe successfully”

 When I started to practice those principles, what I found out is my in ability to “Believe successfully” caused me not to gain what I wanted so desperately. I think most of us would be the same.  So when I write the mental development articles, they are based on how I failed and having to find a way out.

 When I started to learn the philosophy of wealth and abundance, it was because I was having a big desire to become online income earner. At that time, I was just a housewife. I was broke.

 The philosophy calls for manifest money if you need it. Manifest means seeing it clearly and vividly in front of you.  I read an article written by a dentist how he manifests it.  The story goes that he got the idea to manifest money in one winter day strolling outside.  He visualize as if many big dollar bills falling form the sky over him in abundance like the snow falling on his head.  Then he thanked God gratefully for his new found abundance.

 When I started to manifest money his story was firmly in my memory.  So I copied his dream exactly.  I could see countless bills falling form the sky over me.  I could visualize and feel the abundance.  It is an enjoyable visualization.  It made me happy and free of worries.

 A bout a week passed on me with my first practice of visualization.  I could visualize it deeply, strongly, concentrated and uninterrupted.  However, I started to feel something is missing.  At first I could not detect this feeling but days and days after I could sense a faint distrust in my otherwise overall is an enjoyable visualization.

 I concentrated and analyze my mind.  My expectation is not accepting this visualization as reality, thus it is not taking it as a correct input to my mind.  It was such a faint piece of doubt.

 Then I checked my real nature and behaviors, I have been an engineer, extremely logic and practical with my work and my way of thinking.  They are sound and stand on the ground. My logic simply could not accept money falling from the heaven.  Where did I see it? When did I hear it?  Never happened in my life and never expected in the future.  What was such a perfect visualization for someone, did not work on me.

 There are different personalities between human kinds.  Some are creative in nature and having ability to create the things they have never seen before and able to believe in the things they have never feel  before.  On the other hand there are some guys, so logic and practical and decided to stand firmly on the ground.  The latter rarely dream and do not expect much from dreams either.  I sadly belong to the second type.

 But creation of wealth solely stands in the area of creativity.  If I lack it, it is my duty to fill it up.  I have to accept the positive power of creativeness and accept myself for the change.  Without accessing the creative power within myself, there is no way I could create wealth.

 So I decide this way, I have to check my daily visualizations and make them lifelike, and nearest to nature and fact to encourage my expectations and conscious to accept them as correct inputs to my mind.  Secondly, I must find ways to introduce and multiply the creativeness in my mind.

 Adjusting the visualizations

 Most of the wealth philosophies encourage the readers to visualize. But nobody teaches how or having set a limit.  The reader could visualize what he wishes, sky is the limit.  You manifest money means you have the freedom to visualize Money in any way that suits your taste.

 Most of the creative people face almost no problem in visualization or accepting them.  But the logical guys sink like a stone in the water.  They could not visualize floating, for them, anything that heavier than water must sink definitely.  If you wanted to float, come up with a solution that enable floating, if not rather forget it.  For them the sea never parted for Moses to walk, they rather forget the bible.

 Since I belong sadly to the logic group, only alternative for me is to visualize anything so exactly to what is existed and accepted.  I stopped visualizations of big money notes falling from the sky.  I think seriously over how in reality, I could receive money when I became an eBay seller.  I could see that I would be receiving checks and my account will be full of money transferred from the foreign banks.

 So I started to visualize them so real, life like and exact as possible.  I visualize myself getting registered mails from my Post man and opening it to find big checks.  I see and feel the big fat checks in my hand, reading the written high amount.  I visualize myself going to the bank and accept the news of foreign wire transfers to my account.  My bank manager is smiling and welcoming me like a VIP.  I left the bank with a fat account book like a very wealthy client.  All visualizations are exact, fact and I am walking on the ground, confidently.  I visualize my abundance in the form of my own confidence and happiness in myself. I see myself giving away money to poor people and relatives.  I feel the sense of happiness in giving.

 I dropped the previous visualizations of myself floating in the air feeling the mental and physical abundance or visualizing of big notes falling from the sky. They are too flimsy and off the ground.

 To grow our beliefs successfully is the only major hindrance among most of us.  By practicing seriously and with persistence, we will one day overcome that.

 My next step was to make myself more creative. I need creativity, without it, I would not create wealth.  It is important.