Workandmind.com is created by Sujira Thiensathaporn.  I chronicled my story on becoming an online  entrepreneur in both mental and physical sequences.  I was born in 1959 in Burma.  My given name is Mra Mu Aung. In 1982, I completed education as an electronic engineer in Myanmar.

Then in 1989, I married my Thai husband and settled in Bangkok Thailand.  Once I worked for AT&T Thailand to deploy fixed line telephone service in Bangkok Thailand. I worked as the senior customer support engineer. It was the time before internet.

In 1997, I had my son Jeff. Looking after him made me left my job, the world of telecoms and internet.  Jeff and internet were born around the same time.  So by caring Jeff, I missed the first portions of the development of internet. Before the year 2003, I have never browsed on www. One reason was that the internet services were so few and too expensive in Thailand.

In 2003, while learning Gemology to find a carrier, a friend of mine mentioned about online business and eBay.  Since that time, I tried myself to make a come back.  I am an engineer but the equivalent of internet grandmother.  When I started to wish for a carrier with eBay, I was a busy mother, housewife, broke and have never even browsed on www.  Since there is no money to support my dreams, I depend myself upon a book called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and repeatedly trying to induce positive mental energy as my only technique.

By following all advices on mental sequences, visualizations, positive thinking and prayers, I could change myself from never been on www to became a seller on eBay in August 2004.  No time, no money and no experience “nnn” this is exactly where I started on “www”. Despite having no knowledge and no money, within 1 year’s time since I had my first definite desire, I could make myself selling collectable items on eBay.  Since then and up to now, I have been selling constantly on eBay without a day of absence.

Apart from stories and advices for new comers to eBay, I have post self help articles and about Asian Amulets.  You can get the Amulets described in my Articles in my eBay store “Asianmystiques”.

If you need help and have questions to ask, you can contact me via admin(at)mindandwork(dot)com or sujirath(at)tttmaxnet(dot)com.